“The latest methods and systems for efficiently assessing and diagnosing your patients”

With Dr Harry Ball and Dr Andrew Bradbeer – Held June 2021

Mandibular advancement splints and now widely regarded by experts in the field as the best available treatment for snoring.  Along with the CPAP machine oral appliances are one of the only two proven treatments for sleep apnoea yet by far the most comfortable and easy to use. 

The greatest barrier for dentists making oral appliance therapy a significant part of the practice is in the development of an efficient system of diagnosing dental patients. 

This has now changed with recent advances in technology and we welcome you to join Dr Harry Ball and Sleep Physician, Dr Andrew Bradbeer to watch a recording of a recent live webinar.

The following areas are covered:

  • Efficient ways of screening and diagnosing your patients,
  • Interpreting and presenting the results of the sleep study,
  • The range and latest developments in mandibular advancement splints.


CPD Certificate

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