‘Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring, Sleep Apnoea & Bruxism’


Module 1 – Overview of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

Presented by Dr David Cunnington

– The various sleep disorders

– Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

– Treatment of sleep apnoea

– Working with a sleep physician

Module 2 – Overview of Dental Sleep Medicine

Presented by Dr Harry Ball

– Overview of dental sleep medicine

– Educating and acquiring patients

– Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

– The treatments for snoring

– The treatments for OSA

– The effectiveness of Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) and OSA

– Compliance of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines

Module 3 – Best practice in Dental Sleep Medicine – using an Evidence Based Approach

Presented by Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam

– Evidence based dentistry and best practice

– Controversies with MAD design

– Controversies with new laser treatment

– Controversies with the role of dentists in sleep medicine

– Other controversies

Module 4 – Screening, Sleep Studies, Diagnosis, Phenotypes and CPAP Therapy

Presented by Dr Linda Schachter

– Sleep terminology

– A good night’s sleep

– Hypnogram

– Summary of sleep disorders

– Sleep assessments

– Level 1 sleep study

– Level 2 sleep study

– Level 3 sleep study

– Level 4 sleep screening

– Interpreting sleep studies

– Severity of OSA

– Summary report

Module 5 – Signs, Symptoms and Screening of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Patients in Dental Practice

Presented by Dr Mayoor Patel (USA)

– Signs and symptoms of OSA

– Risk factors

– Dental signs and symptoms

– Screening your patient

– Extraoral exam

– Airway evaluation

– Dental / oral evaluation

– Imaging for OSA

Module 6 – History and Evolution of Dental Sleep Medicine

Presented by Dr Gail Demko (USA)

Module 7 – The A-Z of Oral Appliances and Maximising Success

Presented by Dr Harry Ball

– The different types of oral appliances

– The different designs of MAS

– Which is the best MAS?

– Predicting success with a MAS

– Providing consistantly high quality appliances

Module 8 – The Clinical Steps

Presented by Dr Harry Ball, Dr Sam Talpis and Dr Ken Lee

– The initial consultation

– Impressions and intra-oral scanning

– Taking a registration

– Communicating with the laboratory

– Fitting an appliance

– Post fitting review

– Correspondence and letters

Module 9 – Side Effects and Problem Solving

Presented by Dr Harry Ball

– Occlusal changes

– TM Disorders

– Dry mouth

– Residual sleepiness

Module 10 – A Focus on Occlusal Changes

Presented by Dr Ken Lee

– Signs and symptoms of occlusal changes

– causes of occlusal changes

– who gets bite changes

– Preventing bite changes

– managing bite changes

– Take home message

Module 11 – Managing Side Effects from OAT with an Emphasis on TMD

Presented by Dr Mayoor Patel (USA)

– Documentation of muscles and joints

– TMJ Disorder pain

– Capsulitis

– Myalgia pain

– Myofascial pain

– Tooth pain

– Salivation

– TMJ Disorder sounds

– Dry mouth

– Gum irritation

– Bite changes

– Case study

Module 12 – Bruxism: Etiology, Assessment and Management

Presented by Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam

– Definition and classification

– Prevalence and risk factors

– Pathophysiology

– Sleep bruxism and sleep disordered breathing

– Diagnosis

– Management

– Conclusions and further direction

Module 13 – The link between TMJ Disorder, OSA and Bruxism

Presented by Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam

– Relationship between sleep bruxism and OSA

– Relationship between OSA and TMD

– TMD with MAD Therapy

– Screening for TMD

– Management of TMD with Oral Appliance Therapy

– Take home message

Module 14 – Orthodontics and OSA

Presented by Associate Professor Sanjivan Kandasamy

–  Using radiographs for the diagnosis of OSA?

– Can we grow jaws to improve the airway?

– Can we expand the maxilla to improve the airway?

– Do extractions reduce the airway?

– Do orthodontics and orthognathic surger increase the airway?

– Obesity

Module 15 – ENT Assessment & Management of OSA

Why the Nose Matters

Presented by Professor Raj Dedhia (USA)

– Understanding the importance of nasal breathing for sleep

– Nasal history and physical examination

– Nasal and soft tissues surgery for OSA

ENT Assessment and Management of OSA

Presented by Mr Eduard Pudel

–  ENT examination

– Treatment options

– Predicting surgical success

– Preoperative considerations

– Nasal conservative treatments

– Surgical considerations

– Types of surgery

– Post operative considerations

– Role of the dentist in ENT management

Module 16 – Oral and Maxillofacial Management of OSA

Presented by Dr Sam Verco

Surgical Management of OSA

– Current therapies

– What is maxilla-mandibular advancement (MMA)?

– Preoperative assessment

– Sequencing of treatment

– Facial aesthetic changes

– Functional impact of these changes

– Key points


Module 17 – The Role of the Psychologist in Managing Sleep Disorders

Presented by Professor Gerard Kennedy

– Assessing sleep

– Sleep disorders

– Behavioural / psychological treatments

– Cases

Module 18 – The Dentist Sleep Physician Relationship

Presented by Dr Linda Schachter

Module 19 – Communication, Marketing , Fees and Implementation

Presented by Dr Harry Ball

– Communication Skills

– Marketing

– Setting fees

– The steps for implementing Dental Sleep Medicine into a dental practice

Module 20 – Guest Presentation: Oral Appliance Designs

Presented by Associate Professor Fernanda Almeida

– Tongue retaining devices

– Non custom-made devices

– Vertical opening

– Monobloc versus titratable appliances

– Titratable designs

– Side-effects

– Efficacy

– Adherence