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Webinar Two Now Available / Dr Andrew Bradbeer’s contact details

I hope you’ve all had the opportunity to see Dr Andrew Bradbeer’s excellent presentation in Webinar Two, if not you’ll find it available for viewing now, in the My Programs section of this portal. 

What was particularly exciting was him presenting a simple method for diagnosing dental patients for sleep apnoea which includes a Telehealth consult.

Dr Bradbeer’s group can send a diagnostic sleep unit to dental patients anywhere in Australia with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations back to the dentist soon after. 

To use Dr Bradbeer’s services contact Jimmy Caine at Manse Medical on 0439 966 809 or email


Webinar One Now Available (and Q/A)

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the first of our live webinars. 

A email has been sent out today with a Q/A video where Dr Harry Ball answers questions from the first webinar as well as demonstrating some of the sleep testing equipment suitable for dentists.

He also shows some of the reports that come back from the studies, looks at the type of treatment recommendations made by the sleep physician and talks about some of the legal aspects around dentists working in this field.

A copy of the Q/A Video can be found in this portal with the full version of the live webinar.

Friday 17th July 4pm

Thank you for joining the program.  You can now access the program “Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Bruxism.

A welcome video, from Dr Harry Ball, explaining how best to utilise the program and a video on how to navigate these pages, can be found in this button below.