About Us

The Dental Sleep Institute was established in 2005 by Dr Harry Ball and Mr Ian Gale.  The Institute has been providing training programs in oral appliance therapy for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism for dentists and their teams throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

The program is strongly evidence based, and highly practical, with the goal of enabling dentists to make oral appliance therapy an integral part of their practice.

Based on a large body of evidence, mandibular advancement splints are now firmly established as one of only two treatments for sleep apnoea, and the best available treatment for snoring, and there is now a large demand for dentists to provide this service.

The Team

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Ball is the immediate past chairperson of the dental sleep medicine council of the Australasian Sleep Association. He has restricted his practice to dental sleep medicine and is one of the most experienced practitioners in the world, establishing Sleepwise Clinic which has treated over 14,000 patients with oral appliance therapy.

Dr Ball has provided training programs for dentists throughout Australia and New Zealand as well as in the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Singapore and Malaysia. He has presented on sleep to GPs, sleep physicians as well as on behalf of the Australian Dental Association, the Australian Orthodontic society and Dental Health Services of Victoria.

Dr Sam Talpis

Dr Talpis has a Bachelor of Oral Health, a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry and has a special interest in dental sleep medicine and temporomandibular disorders.  He has completed a craniofacial pain clinical residency program at the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain in the USA, a sleep residency in San Diego and a training program at the TMD clinic at the University of Kentucky.

Dr Talpis has presented at the dental program of the Australasian Sleep Association Annual meeting and has been part of training programs to dentists around Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Ken Lee

Dr Lee has a Master’s degree in Dentistry and a Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics. He has limited his practice to the field of dental sleep medicine and is a clinical director at SleepWise Clinic.

Dr Lee has trained in dental sleep medicine both in Australia and overseas and has been involved with the Australasian Sleep Association in educating dentists. He has a special interest in the latest technology in dental sleep medicine and has led a team developing state of the art 3D printed nylon appliances for snoring, sleep apnoea and bruxism.

Advisory Panel

Dr Andrew Bradbeer

Dr Bradbeer is a specialist in respiratory and sleep medicine. He is the lead physician and medical director at Manse Medical, working in Western Victoria and the South East of South Australia since 2004.

Dr Bradbeer has a special interest in dental sleep medicine and supporting dentists in all aspects of providing oral appliance therapy.

Mr Eduard Pudel

Mr Pudel is an ENT surgeon with a special interest in the management of sleep disordered breathing. He has extensive experience in training dentists and is involved in the mentoring and training of medical students at Monash University.

Mr Pudel has public appointments to Southern Health and Melbourne Health and is a lecturer and examiner for the University of Melbourne and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Professor Gerard Kennedy

Professor Gerard Kennedy is a clinical psychologist with expertise in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of sleep disorders. He has developed expertise in sleep psychology during more than 20 years of practice as a senior clinical psychologist in the Departments of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at both the Austin Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

Professor Kennedy has extensive experience in training dentists, doctors and psychologists in the management of sleep disorders.

Mr Jimmy Caine

Mr Caine is a specialist sleep technician and the director of the Sleep Health Group in Westen Victoria.  His expertise is in sleep diagnostics and he supports dentists in providing state of the art methods of diagnosing dental patients for snoring and sleep apnoea.