“Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring, Sleep Apnoea and Bruxism”

An online mini residency program with training and mentoring.

Over 24 hours of presentations from many of the world’s leading clinicians and specialists, covering all aspects of dental sleep medicine.

Comprehensive Modules

Two Live Q & A Webinars


Ongoing One-on-One Support & Mentoring


Key Articles, Clinical & Patient Education Materials

2022 Program Now Available ‘On Demand’

An exceptional online training platform with live webinars and all presentations recorded and accessible at any time. Ideal for revision and staff training.

“Dental Sleep Medicine – the most exciting area in dentistry”

Dr Harry Ball, one of the most experienced clinicians in the world, presents the latest developments in dental sleep medicine. He also discusses how oral appliance therapy can be life-changing for so many patients and a source of significant revenue for the practice.

Program Benefits and Inclusions

Easily recoup the cost of the program! As a special bonus you will be provided with a 3D printed nylon dorsal appliance to be fitted during the program on a paitent of your choice. Charge the patient the fee for the oral appliance and you can recoup the cost of the training.

Start Seeing Patients

All the steps and tools to immediately commence practicing in the field or take your practice to a new level.

Comprehensive Modules

 A comprehensive 20 module, 24 hour online program on all aspects of oral appliance therapy.


Patient Education Materials

Essential patient education materials, clinical forms, informed consent, screening questionnaires and more.

Q&A Webinars

 Live interactive webinars and an opportunity to ask questions.

Training for your Team

 An excellent opportunity to train key staff members who have a key role to play in providing this service.

Articles and Seminal Studies

 Participants will receive an array of the important articles and seminal studies which will provide a comprehensive background in dental sleep medicine.

Mentoring / Support

 Ongoing, one-on-one support by phone and email, plus membership in a dental sleep medicine facebook group.


Bonus Inclusions

A George Gauge Registration Kit, a 3D printed nylon appliance (demo) and a 3D printed nylon appliance (for a patient).


24 Hours CPD

Compliant with the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.

You already have a ‘practice within a practice’ of patients who would benefit greatly from this treatment.


Featuring many of the world leaders in Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Harry Ball


Dr Harry Ball

Dr David Cunnington

 Sleep Physician

Dr Harry Ball

A. Prof Fernanda Almeida


Dr Harry Ball

Mr Eduard Pudel


Dr Harry Ball

Dr Mayoor Patel


Dr Harry Ball

Dr Gail Demko


Dr Harry Ball

Dr Linda Schachter

Respiratory & Sleep Physician

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Sam Talpis


Dr Harry Ball

A Prof Sanjivan Kandasamy

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Sam Verco

 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam

Oral Medicine Specialist

Dr Harry Ball

Professor Gerard Kennedy

 Clinical Psychologist

Dr Harry Ball

Dr Ken Lee


Dr Harry Ball

Professor Raj Dedhia


What makes this the best program in Australia on dental sleep medicine?

It’s easy to become enthusiastic after completing a course, and then return to your practice unable to follow up and implement the steps required.

The two key factors that sets the Dental Sleep Institute program apart from all other available seminars is by providing:

1.  All the systems and protocols.

2.  Ongoing coaching and support for dentists and their team. Without support and mentoring, dental sleep medicine becomes just a good idea.

Many dentists say that once systems and protocols are established, dental sleep becomes the most enjoyable part of their practice.

Highlights and Topics

Overview of Dental Sleep Medicine

The sleep physicians present on the various sleep disorders and the important role of the dentist in managing sleep apnoea and snoring.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnoea

  • Organising sleep studies for your patients, with the results and treatment recommendations from a sleep physician.
  • An analysis of several patient sleep studies will be demonstrated.

Initial Consultation

  • Validated methods of screening for possible sleep apnoea and determining the patient’s suitability for oral appliance therapy.
  • The simple step by step approach demonstrating effective patient education.

Choosing an Optimal Appliance

  • The four essential criteria for choosing an optimal appliance.
  • A demonstration of the appliances and discussion of the effectiveness, side effects and pros and cons of each appliance.

Impressions and Registration

  • Impression techniques and methods for determining the optimal mandibular position for each patient.
  • Taking an accurate bite registration.

Fitting the Appliance

A proven method for fitting an appliance that requires minimal clinical time and adjustment, plus instructions on advancing the mandible.

Internal and External Marketing

  • Methods for identifying the many existing patients of the practice who have problems with snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Proven strategies that are successful in attracting new patients, and their families, who can go on to become long term patients of the practice.

Bruxism and Occlusal Splints

  • How to choose the optimal design which is effective, comfortable and based on research and the consensus of specialists
  • A demonstration of a 30 second method for taking a bite registration resulting in an ideal occlusion with no adjustment required on fitting.

Communication Skills

  • Methods for effectively dealing with frequently asked questions by patients
  • ​​Communication skills that lead to high case acceptance and compliance.

Troubleshooting and Adjustments

Side effects do not become a problem if they are dealt with promptly and effectively.  Having fitted over 14,000 oral appliances, the dentists will share their valuable experience in overcoming problems or side effects.

ENT Presentation

  • Demonstration by the ENT surgeon of an airway examination.
  • Discussing the impact of nose and throat problems on sleep apnoea.
  • Methods for enhancing the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy.

The program is evidence based, yet highly practical.  It is designed for implementing this valuable service, and making it a significant part of your practice.